PVC Services

Resistant and Efficient

PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) represents a type of Single Ply roofing material, which is part of the class of roofing membranes made from flexible synthetic materials manufactured under stringent quality control processes. The selection of the appropriate Single Ply roofing system for a specific project depends on various factors, such as building height, wind exposure, foot traffic, desired aesthetics, and cost considerations. The method of attaching the roofing system to the roof deck varies depending on the application and can involve mechanical fasteners, ballast, or adhesive.

PVC, specifically PVC KEE (Ketone Ethylene Ester), offers notable characteristics that make it a preferred choice in the industry. It demonstrates exceptional resistance to adverse weather conditions, chemicals, and microbial growth. PVC KEE is known for its puncture resistance and remarkable durability, ensuring long-lasting performance. Additionally, it contributes to energy efficiency, providing an efficient thermal barrier. PVC KEE also offers a wide range of color options to suit diverse design preferences.

One of the key advantages of PVC KEE is its superior weather resistance, chemical resistance, and resistance to microbial growth. It offers enhanced puncture resistance, providing robust protection for the roofing system. Moreover, PVC KEE exhibits excellent UV stability, making it highly durable when exposed to concentrated sunlight. In terms of aesthetics, many manufacturers offer faux rib profiles that resemble standing seam metal, allowing for a visually appealing roofing solution.

Various options exist within the PVC KEE category, providing flexibility to meet specific project requirements. These options include standard colors such as white, tan, and gray, with the availability of numerous custom color choices. PVC KEE is available in different thicknesses, ranging from .036″ to .090″. Furthermore, some PVC KEE products may feature a fleece backing, offering additional benefits for specific applications.

In summary, PVC KEE represents a versatile Single Ply roofing material that combines exceptional resistance to weather, chemicals, and microbial growth, along with puncture resistance and durability. It is also known for its energy efficiency and offers a wide variety of colors to suit different design preferences. PVC KEE stands out with its UV stability, making it particularly durable under concentrated sunlight. The availability of faux rib profiles further enhances its visual appeal. Various options, including colors, thicknesses, and fleece backing, provide further customization possibilities for PVC KEE roofing systems.