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Our vision at Apex Industrial Roofing, LLC. is to provide you a fully serviced roof, with the best service available. For over a decade our family business has made it our priority to use top quality products and provide quality value. From Your Roofing needs start to finish, customer satisfaction is our goal. From our business to yours.

About Us

We at Apex Industrial Roofing LLC are here to provide you with change, security, confidence boosting, high quality, fully serviced roofs. From our business to yours, customer satisfaction is our priority. For over a 7 years our family business has made it a priority to only use top quality products for our top-quality customers.

About Our Maintenance Program

Preventative roof maintenance is the key to providing a longer lasting service life for your commercial roof. A preventative maintenance program will save you a substantial amount of money and time by simply identifying and eliminating potential threats to your commercial roof.

What Comes With the Program?

With our one-of a kind Maintenance Program, we will conduct visual inspection of the roof to identify any potential roof damage. Partial discharge testing, gutter and downspout inspections, and any other performance test needed to determine the overall condition of the roof.

We Will Also
Clean all debris from the rooftop.
Clean and clear all drains.
Identify existing coatings.
Check all seams and seals.
Perform minor repairs.
Generate Detailed Reports.

Additional services include Thermal Scanning and Core Sampling.

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